San severo Manchu leather gloves
1861 Glove manufactory

San severo Manchu leather gloves

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Classic, understated, masculine. The San Severo model from 1861 Glove Manufactory has it all. The pure cashmere lining makes it handy for the winter months, the beautiful saddle brown color is an easy match with most outfits. The gloves feature decorative hand stitching to emphasize the traditional craft that went into their creation. 

  • Lamb Nappa leather
  • Inseam sewing
  • Hand sewn point and edge stitching detail
  • 100% Cashmere lining

For more than 160 years the city of Pécs has maintained its status as the European capital of glove making. Traditional techniques were passed on from one generation to the next, even in the most turbulent of times. In its recently renovated historical atelier, 1861 Glove Manufactory cultivates its know-how and innovation in the art of leather, made in Hungary.

To measure the size of your hand, put the tape at the back of the hand, holding it with the thumb and covering the knuckles. Measure around the hand over the inside of the palm without the thumb. Close the hand and take the measurement without squeezing too tight. Read off the measurement on the conversion table below in order to find out your glove size.
Size (Inches) 6 6 1/2 7 7 1/2 8 8 1/2
Cm 15-16,3 16,4-17,5 17,6-18,9 19-20,3 20,4-10,5 21,6-23


Size (Inches) 7 1/2 8 8 1/2 9 9 1/2 10
Cm 19,5-21 21-21,9 22-23,5 23,6-25 25-25,9 26-27,4